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What to buy in Ibiza?

You might be wondering how a place as small as Ibiza can have such an enormous impact on the globe. Its magic was first discovered in the time of the Phoenicians, but it was in the 1960and ‘70s that hippies stumbled upon the mythical islanddrawn by its irresistible beauty and charmIn between, it has captivated all kinds of visitors and settlers, who have left their traces in its inhabitants and culture.

Few islands are as iconic as Ibiza, known throughout the world for its nature, its elegant simplicity, and its distinctly Mediterranean magnetismAll who visit return within short time, so it’s no surprise that nostalgia for this wonderful spot awakens a desire to bring some of its essence back to your home. If you’re looking for original gifts, we invite you to try out our fragrancesdistilled from the very essence of the island, and with a clearly Ibizan soul. Thanks to our rigorous selection of natural elements and ingredients, we have come up with unique and original aromas from Ibiza.

At Mar de Ibiza we are inextricably linked to this wonderful island. Undoubtedly, one of the top Ibiza´s souvenirs for 2019.

Which is why we know how to extract its essence, to be enjoyed throughout the year, securing your ties to this magical placeAromas of the island, memories of Ibiza, the Ibizan soul. Any product you choose from our range is perfect for that special gift of the Ibizan experience.

The best Ibiza souvenirs in 2019

All the feelings and emotions you find in our perfumes are the result of total dedication and unique professionalism with regard to product development.

The revitalizing nature of Ibiza, the energy of the Mediterranean Sea, and the magic that emanates from our wonderful shores provide us with the raw ingredients you can enjoy in our soaps and perfumes, the essence of Ibiza.

These ingredients, unique and original, are found throughout our rangeperfumes as original as the island from which they come.


  • Sergio


    It is one of the most original and brilliant perfumes I have tasted, in fact I could not imagine how a fragrance , could connect you, so subtly, to the fragrances of the sea. The best souvenir from Ibiza.

    22 February, 2019
  • Jav


    Love it!!!. I use it all the time and It’s a great present as well, everybody seems to like it!!. One of the 10 top Ibiza’s gifts for 2019! Congrats on your line products Mar de Ibiza!!!!

    22 February, 2019
  • Maper


    It’s such a wonderful present! The first time I knew Mar de Ibiza’s perfumes was in my last holidays in the island. I tasted all the perfumes in a local shop and I was astounded by them. What I liked the most about them was the natural smell. Really original and nice perfume, and absolutely not commercial as the other brands. The best gift from Ibiza!

    26 February, 2019