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Best marine and aquatic perfumes 2019

Today we’ll be taking a look at marine and aquatic perfumes, fragrances that derive their inspiration from our planet’s most essential element, water. For thousands of years humans have gone in search of water for their sustenance and survival – but have you ever wondered what lies hidden in the fragrances that are connected to this element? What is it about them that captivates our souls and takes us back to our very origins?

The revitalising world of aquatic perfumes suddenly took off in the 1980s, when the perfume industry began to discover a whole class of aromas that took their inspiration from the sea, from salt, and from marine plants. Although many aquatic fragrances trigger attractive sensations, only a few have true and lasting depth.


Aquatic perfumes, sometimes called oceanic or ozonic, are a type of fragrance with a limpid, aquatic essence. They are perfect for those of us who love freshness, and the essence of the sea. If you can’t survive without the briny strand, you’ll find its personal fragrance is delivered in this kind of essence. Apart from marine notes, there are other aromas which conjure up beaches and coastal landscapes, above all Ibiza’s legendary calas or coves.

The optimum price-quality aquatic perfume for 2019 needs to meet three basic requirements: originality, olfactory personality, and an unequivocally watery ‘soul’. Mar de Ibiza’s essence of the sea has just this watery soul, with notes that convey a unique and original sensation of saline dampness, fresh wood and dewy grass: a memorable blendof cedary ocean breezes to remind you of the pinewoods that rise above the island’s calas. An authentic Ibizan product of unbeatable price quality.


  • Sergio


    really one of the most pleasant and original freshest perfumes that I have tasted. by far, departs from the rest of the conventional fragrances

    22 February, 2019
  • Raul


    MAR DE iBiZA!! It s really amazing !! Absolute freshness , just like a summer breeze !! Best souvenir from Ibiza!

    22 February, 2019