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2019’s top perfume brands

2019’s top perfume brands

When it comes to finding a perfume that matches our tastes and personalities, we always look for the market’s best brands. But what exactly are they? Is it simply in terms of price that certain labels stand out? Just as we display our unique style in selecting clothes to highlight our own characters, when wearing a perfume we should avoid mass-market perfumes manufactured for commercial purposes, which barely set us apart from the crowd and whose only merit lies in being chosen from among the vast range of well-known brands found in practically every perfume store.


Best perfume of the year 2019

Within the global market for perfumery and cosmetics, it was the perfumes sector which grew most in 2019, showing just how much we value perfumes as part of our personal style. 90% of the total sales were, in fact, quality brands, i.e. those in the price range of €50 to €90.


Signature perfumes

In signature perfumery, the creativity of the perfume’s author and the quality of his or her raw materials make for a unique and unrepeatable product. Using the finest ingredients and applying more or less artisanal production methods, niche or signature perfumes do not sink money into famous models and expensive advertising campaigns that only increase the final price without benefiting the product’s quality. The aim of a signature perfume is to bring the soul of its creator to the olfactory memory of the public. So the personal interpretation of a motif or ingredient allows us to highlight the most original facets of each perfume.


What motives or themes can inspire a signature perfume? Let us share a few with you:

Humour. While respecting the basic structure of a perfume, you can also innovate and bring a spark of originality and even transgression to your creations, as Romano Ricci did with his emblematic ‘Juliette has a gun’. This is a perfume that has revolutionized and added a note of colour to the world of fragrances with its characteristic musky notes.

An exotic trip to Africa. This is how Ben Ghorman created, with his exclusive Byredo brand and ‘Bal d’Afrique’ perfume, a world of perfectly blended sensations that conjures up a brilliant and colourful sunset on the African continent. Notes of Amalfi lemon, African orange flower and blackcurrants.

A day at the beach. Fancy a warm, tropical day at the blissful Brazilian beach of Ipanema? Then ‘Batucada’ is the perfume for you. With notes of lime, coconut, seawater and salt, this balanced and expressive perfume brings a light-hearted, summery touch to signature perfumes. It was created by Karine Vinchon and Elisabeth Maier for the renowned French firm of L’Artisan Parfumeur.

The island of Ibiza. If you’re mad about the Mediterranean and its most emblematic island, then Mar de Ibiza’s ‘Essence of the Sea’ has your name on it. A perfume that allows you to feel the energy of the sea that girds the White Island, glittering in the Mediterranean sun. Thanks to its aquatic soul you can sense the breezes that bring a sense of freedom as well as the unique, innovative spirit of Ibiza’s soul. Notes of orange leaf, Ibizan pine and marine essence. Based on the warm reflection of the sun on the sea, it is fresh, sexy and sophisticated.


  • Mary_9


    I agree! Perfumes are our style´s soul. You can’t touch it or see it, but you perceive it, it’s in the air. I particularly think that people who are not interested in commercial brands and try with other ones that are more original and different, show thus their originality. The best gift from Ibiza.

    9 April, 2019
  • P. Fields


    The range of perfumes Mar de Ibiza are wonderful frangances. Fresh and sparkling. I received Mar de Tierra as a present some time ago and now all of them are among my essential perfumes. I totally recommend them!

    12 April, 2019
  • Queen


    I usually use “Salinas” more than the other perfumes. The shop girl explained me the concept of this perfume and I quickly get it. Is a very faithful smell. Anyway I tasted all of them and I think they are fabulous. They have an special aroma that get you hooked. I fervently recommend it.

    12 April, 2019