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Shopping in Ibiza. What to buy in Ibiza

Shopping in Ibiza

The island of Ibiza is gaining quite a reputation these days as a great place to go shopping. In all the resorts you can find stores and boutiques offering numerous local products as well as craftspeople working with love and utter dedication.
Ibiza has everything you could wish for: organic food products, top-quality craftsmanship, Ad Lib fashion creations, and perfume and cosmetics inspired by the island itself. Are you ready to explore the best shopping in Ibiza?


Ecological food from Ibiza.

Only a century ago all the food produced on the island was completely organic, without any kind of herbicide or genetic modification; it was simply grown by our grandparents the way they’d learned from their ancestors. We’re pleased to say that today more and more farmers are returning to agricultural traditions as old as the ones we have inherited from the Phoenicians, while also making the most of advances in the modern world, such as natural fertilizers. Ecological, natural, and very healthy, you can take your pick from a wealth of local shops and supermarkets all around the island.


Ibizan crafts

Whether clothing workshops, esparto handicrafts or local ceramics, these traditions have been passed down from older generations and have been practised by local craftspeople in every village from childhood on. The new “Cartas del Artesano” diplomas provide official support to these artisans who have dedicated their entire lives to developing and celebrating the finest traditions of the island in true masterworks of folk art.


Moda Ad Lib

Born in the 1970s out of the hippie movement which left its enduring mark on the island, Ad Lib’s philosophy is to cast off non-essentials in your wardrobe, simplify clothes using the colour white, and champion a simple, unpretentious lifestyle in which each person pursues their own path, free and unrestrained.



Perfumes are among the most popular things to be purchased on Ibiza. Famous for their originality and elegance, Mar de Ibiza’s aromas are made with the finest raw materials, gathering the essences of Ibiza with all their magic, energy and natural balms and fixing them in a range of products to the advantage of the discerning buyer. The high concentrations of these ingredients, collected with love and sensitivity, are the result of Mar de Ibiza’s respect for nature. A selection of the finest materials, 100% natural, of flawless purity and the highest quality.


  • Elizabeth


    One of my all time favorite scents. I really love all things orange blossom. I stayed at the beautiful Ibiza island 2 years ago (and bought my first bottle of this while I was there) and the whole place smells like it. Mediterranean paradise, right on the beach or Ibiza´s hidden coves. Every time I spritz a bit of this on I feel like I am back there. If you are a fellow Ibiza lover, you must try this awesome brand!

    29 June, 2019
  • Sophie H


    All Ibiza’s products are very nice and well known. Maybe the most is her fashion, but this brand has been a wonderfull find.

    One of my best friends persuaded me to buy one of these perfumes, because she did it previously. They really delighted me.

    Mar de Ibiza Esencia de mar is my favourite perfume right now. The best gift from Ibiza you can bring back home.

    30 June, 2019
  • We were staying in Santa Eulalia, just 9 km from Ibiza Town. A perfect location to stay on the Island of Ibiza. Santa Eulalia is a gentle bay suitable for swimming and for families and there are several restaurants on the waterfront with sunbeds available for hire.
    We discovered Mar de Ibiza esencia de tierra. Perfectly aligned with the Esencia de Mar, Mar de Ibiza esencia de Tierra is clean, elegant and luxurious with crisp notes of fig, carob tree, and sea notes that seem to float on water. Fresh, floral and unisex, Mar de Ibiza is timeless and can be worn for day, but has longevity that lasts well into the evening hours.

    27 June, 2022
  • When it comes to Ibiza, everything looks so beautiful that you are often tempted to take home more than just one gift!
    Perfumes Mar de Ibiza are a landmark in Spain, but first and foremost, they are the most iconic image from Ibiza. The image you will find yourself looking for as a reference point when walking the alleys of Ibiza’s downtown or Formentera.
    Mar de Ibiza Formentera harbours the true essence of the Mediterranean: the unique underwater Posidonia meadows, dunes of fine-grained sand, waters of an irresistible turquoise. A lively, fresh and delicately herbaceous scent which conjures up the island’s free spirit, its spontaneity, and its rejuvenating essence.
    Mar de Ibiza esencia de Mar is more of an obvious aquatic, but it’s also quite abstract, pairing clear waters with warm wood notes, almost as if its point of inspiration was pieces of driftwood gently floating down a Mediterranean coast. It’s a fragrance of contrasts, where the cool, fresh quality of aquatic notes are juxtaposed with the rich warmth of woods. It’s refreshing and calm but also loud, with an impressive trail.

    3 July, 2022