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Our products are a faithful reflection of our philosophy:

Unisex: Reflecting a young, free spirit without ties, in which each one of us has a place to feel unique and experiences the island in our own manner and style.

Minimalist: Suggesting a unique, elegant character, and the quality of our ingredients.

Energy and colour: The combination of the sea’s pure energy and the earth’s true essence. Genuinely Ibizan and timeless.

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  Product Price Quantity Amount  
Salinas Salinas 39.0 €
Body Milk Body Milk 0.0 €
Esencia Mar (Essence of the Sea) Esencia Mar (Essence of the Sea) 39.0 €
Esencia Tierra (Essence of the Earth) Esencia Tierra (Essence of the Earth) 39.0 €
Sea soap Sea soap 19.0 €
Earth Soap Earth Soap 19.0 €
Face Pack Face Pack 0.0 €
Mikado Mikado 29.0 €
Peeling Peeling 0.0 €
Parfumed Candle Parfumed Candle 26.0 €
Total 0,00€